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AscendEX will launch“Interest-bearing Futures Trading Promotion Events” to mark the global debut of the interest-bearing futures trading function, whereby staked assets are allowed to be used as collateral for futures trading, taking place between Sept. 15, 12:00 a.m. UTC to Oct. 13, 12:00 a.m. UTC. The month-long events will offer users a chance to win a SOL & USDT prize pool worth up to $300,000!

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Event 1: Learn & Earn! Learn How to Earn Interests while Trading Futures and Share $10,000 Futures Bonus Credits
Please view the tutorial article on “How to Trade Futures Using Staked Assets” and submit the Answer Sheet. Participants who answer all of the questions correctly are eligible for 5-50 USDT futures bonus credits in random airdrops. The rewards are limited to 500 participants and measured on a first-come-first-served basis.

Event 2: Stake Futures Margin Assets-USDT to Earn a 14-day Staking APR. Up to 20%
The staked assets AscendEX initially allows to be used as collateral for futures trading are: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, DOT, ATOM, SRM, XTZ, ONE, KAVA, CSPR, WOO, and BAND. The 14-day staking APR. of up to 20% is valid for the newly staked futures margin assets, the interest-bearing period starting from Sept. 15, 12:00 a.m. UTC to Sept. 29, 12:00 a.m. UTC.

Staking Assets Supporting Futures Trading

Current Staking APR.(Regular Staking Return)


Est. Reward APR.(Reward Earnings)


Cumulative APR.


Immediate Unstaking Supported or Not


Note: AscendEX offers a staking APR. of up to 20% (in USDT) upon futures trading as a reward to users, which is only limited to the top 500 participants. The interest-bearing rewards earnings for each qualified participant will be capped at 10,000 USDT and measured on a first-come-first-serviced basis. Sign up now!

Event 3: Transfer Staked Assets to Futures Accounts to Win a Prize of Up to $1,088 
Complete the below tasks to win up to $1088 rewards.

Transfer staking assets to futures accounts and maintain a trading volume >1000 USDT. Transfer Now!

10-1000 USDT

(in SOL and USDT, as well as futures bonus credits)

Maintain a trading volume>200,000 USDT$88 in SOL for 10 qualified participants


Event 4: 200,000-USDT Subsidy Bonuses Help Cover Your Margin Loss
Users who transfer their staked assets to their futures accounts and suffer a margin loss (Futures Bonus Credits excluded) while trading futures will be offered subsidy bonuses from AscendEX based on the following rules:

Est. Value of Loss(USDT)


>100 USDT

100 USDT Futures Bonus Credits

≦100 USDT

Futures Bonus Credits equivalent to the loss

Terms and conditions:

  1. Users need to sign up for access to the events and users who don't complete the Registration Form will not be eligible to participate.
  2. Staking APR. varies depending on the changes of the on-chain data. For instance, if there is a change for the staking APR., the reward APR. will be changed simultaneously to ensure the cumulative APR. to constantly stay at 20%. Reward earnings will be calculated from the T+1 day (UTC); if the staking period is less than one day, users can still earn the reward earnings for one-day staking as long as they satisfy the requirements for regular staking return distribution. If users unstake before the events' conclusion, they will not be able to get the additional reward earnings, but the distribution of their regular staking return will not be affected;
  3. Realized PnL= Futures account balance before the events + futures account inflow during the events – futures account outflow during the events - futures account balance after the end of the event. Please note: Futures bonus credits USDTR are excluded from the futures account. If there are pending orders at the end of the events, the orders will be excluded in the calculation of realized PnL.
  4. Subsidies on loss from futures trading will be capped at 200,000 USDT. If the total losses occurred to all users is less than 200,000 USDT, all the losses will be covered by the subsidies. If the total is higher than the above ceiling, the distribution of subsidies will be subject to the formula of “total losses * factor N”. (Factor N = 200,000 USDT/total losses);
  5. Sub-accounts can't participate as an independent account, but their trading volume will be credited to their parent accounts;
  6. The regular staking return in the Event Two is calculated and distributed according to the regular staking rules, and the other rewards will be distributed to the winners' accounts within 15 days after the conclusion of the events. Please note: users need to verify their account to claim the rewards of the Event Three before its conclusion;
  7. Futures bonus credits USDTR (1 USDTR = 1 USDT) can be used to trade futures and pay for fees. Please read Futures Bonus Credits Usage Rules and Terms for detailed information;
  8. AscendEX will strictly enforce all the related rules. Any participants found violating AscendEX's rules, such as the use of duplicate or false accounts, will be removed from the event. AscendEX reserves the final rights to interpret and adjust these Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for your continued support!

The AscendEX Team

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