Project Name: Real Smurf Cat

Introduction:Real Smurf Cat is a popular Meme project.

Smurf Cat, Blue Mushroom Cat or We Live We Love We Lie, originally called Шайлушай or Shailushai in English, is a Russian language meme common on TikTok that centers on a blue, elf-like creature with a mushroom head and a cat's face, designed similarly to a Smurf. The creatures are called "Шайлушай" in the Impact font captions, which is basically a gibberish word in Russian but is similar to the word "шалопай" which translates to "the scamp" meaning "little scoundrel" in Russian. They're depicted walking through a forest with a snail hanging from a stick (similar to a bindle). The meme became prevalent on TikTok in mid-2023, manifesting in photo slideshows on the app. The predominant TikTok sound was the song "The Spectre" by Alan Walker, specifically the lyrics "We live. We love. We lie." The original image of the creature was created by artist Nate Hallinan in 2014, titled "Smurf Sighting." In September 2023, the Arabic Strawberry Elephant meme began going viral on TikTok in videos pitting it against the Smurf cat in powerscaling edits, spawning usage of other food-animal hybrids like the Pineapple Owl and Blueberry Cat.


Total Supply (Qty)100,000,000,000 ​SMURFCAT
Blockchain Support (ERC20)
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