Check for viruses on your PC:

1.     Enter your legitimate deposit or withdrawal address on your web browser under “safe mode” and compare it with the address you entered on your website browser under the normal mode.


2.     Write down the correct withdrawal address in a text file, then enter it into your AscendEX account. Be sure to compare the address in the text file with the one shown on your app to see if they are the same.  

3.     Open your AscendEX app and check if the deposit and withdrawal addresses on the app match those on your AscendEX account logged in via your PC.

Through the comparisons above, a mismatched address is a key indicator that your computer has been attacked. 


Avoiding virus or trojan attacks:

1.     Install antivirus software on your PC and run a full system scan regularly.

2.     Never click on any suspicious links or files.

3.     Regularly patch your PC’s server.

4.     Use website browsers with the highest security performance and continually upgrade to the latest version.

5.     Uninstall plugins and any unknown, third-party software.

6.     In extreme cases, format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system.

7.     Seek professional support from a computer specialist.

8.     Contact AscendEX customer support for help if you observe any abnormal activities from your account.