What is API?

An application programming interface (API) is a piece of code that connects computer programs, allowing information to be shared between the connected applications. In other words, API is a simple and robust tool for users to integrate functionality and data from trading platforms into their own applications. AscendEX's Pro API is built to be fast, stable, flexible, and comprehensive, giving users access to: a variety of private and public data channels, synchronized API calls, programmatic assets transfer, and trading functions.


About AscendEX Pro API

Read the AscendEX Pro API document HERE before creating an API key.


Set up an API key on AscendEX:

1. Log in to your AscendEX account using your PC and visit profile icon – [API Setting].


2. Click [New API Key] in the upper right corner of the page.


3. Create a name for the new API key and set up API permissions and IP address restrictions. Complete a three-step verification by entering your phone, email, and Google verification code. Click [Generate API Key] to complete the process.


4. A pop-up containing both public and private API keys will appear on your screen. Please keep a copy of both keys, as they will only be viewable to you during this stage of the setup. For account security, never share your API keys. In the case of a lost or forgotten API key, it is advised to delete the old API and create new keys immediately.


5. After creating an API key, you can Edit or Delete your API keys under the Action tab.




  1. API keys without an IP address will only remain valid for 365 days.
  2. Up to 20 IP addresses can be bound to one API key.
  3. For security enhancement, it is recommended that only IP addresses in users API's whitelist make API calls to users' network. An "unrestricted" setting will allow all IPs to access the network, decreasing account security.  
  4. Multiple IP addresses must be separated by half-width commas during the setup.