1.How many sub-accounts can I create per parent account? 
Each parent account may have up to 10 sub-accounts. If you need more than 10 sub-accounts, please initiate the request on the bottom of this page or send us an email at support@ascendex.com.


2. What is fee structure for asset transfers between parent and sub-accounts, and between sub-accounts? 
Fees will not be charged for asset transfers from a parent account to its sub-accounts, or between sub-accounts.


3. What kinds of assets can I transfer to sub-accounts?
Any asset listed in cash account, margin account and futures account under [My Asset] page can be transferred to a sub-account.


4. How do I close an existing sub-account if I don’t want to use it anymore?
At the moment, AscendEX does not support the closure of sub-accounts. Please use the “Freeze Account” feature to discontinue a sub-account if needed.


5. What are the trading fees for sub-accounts? 
All sub-accounts’ VIP level and trading fees required are determined by the parent account that the sub-accounts are placed under. VIP level and trading fees required for a parent account will be determined by the trailing 30-day trading volume and trailing 30-day average unlocked ASD holdings in both the parent account and its sub-accounts.


6. Can I deposit to or withdraw from a sub-account?
No. All deposits and withdrawals must be completed through the parent account.


7. Why can't my phone be bound to a sub-account? 
A personal device that is already bound to a parent account cannot be used to bind a sub-account and vice versa.


8. Can I create a sub-account via an invitation code?
No. Only a parent account can sign up via an invitation code.


9. Can I join an AscendEX trading competition with a sub-account?
No, you may not join an AscendEX trading competition with a sub-account. AscendEX trading competitions are only available to parent accounts. However, all trading volume in sub-accounts count toward the parent account’s total trading volume and is accounted for when determining whether a user is qualified for a trading competition.


10. Can parent accounts cancel open orders on sub-accounts? 
No. If the trading feature is enabled on a “live” sub-account, orders cannot be canceled by the parent account. You can only check them via a parent account. When sub-accounts are frozen or sub-account trading is disabled by a parent account, all open orders on the respective sub-accounts are automatically canceled.


11. Can I use a sub-account for Staking and DeFi Mining?
Sorry. Users cannot use a sub-account for investment products: Staking and DeFi Mining.


12. Can I use a sub-account to buy an Airdrop Multiple Card, ASD Investment Multiple Card and Point Card?
Users can only buy Point Card using a sub-account and not an Airdrop Multiple Card and ASD Investment Multiple Card.