Dear users,

AscendEX futures has officially launched its Multi-Position Mode as of March 1st (UTC+8). Users can simultaneously hold multiple long and short positions for the same futures symbol. Trade now!

Futures Multi-Position Mode

Compared to One-Way mode and Hedge mode, the Multi-Position mode allows users to simultaneously hold both long and short positions for the same futures symbol, which helps users manage each trading order more efficiently.

For example: In multi-position mode, a user can hold two BTC/USDT long positions worth $1000 each and two BTC/USDT short positions worth $1000 each, with each of the four positions remaining independent.

Please note: Users must ensure there are no open positions or pending orders in the current position mode when switching to Multi-Position mode. If there are any positions or orders in the One-Way or Hedge modes, they must be closed or canceled prior to switching to Multi-Position mode. 

Thank you for your continued support!

AscendEX Team

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