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AscendEX Futures has launched new features including hedge mode and trailing stop on January 16th. Users can hold both long and short positions for one futures trading pair and set trailing stop when trading futures. Start trading now!

Note: Hedge mode is temporarily available for the Android system only. It will be soon enabled for the iOS system via Apple Store. Currently, iOS users can experience this feature on our website.

Hedge Mode:
Distinct from one-way mode, hedge mode permits users to hold both long and short positions for one futures trading pair concurrently. This enables users to continuously hedge risks and protect their positions.

HM Scenario: In hedge mode, Jack holds a $1,000 BTC/USDT long order and a $1,000 BTC/USDT short order simultaneously. The two orders are independent of each other.

Please be advised, when switching between one-way and hedge modes, ensure there are no positions and pending orders in your current position mode. If there are positions or pending orders in one-way mode, you must close all positions and cancel pending orders before switching to hedge mode.

Trailing Stop:
Trailing stop orders allow users to preset the stop loss and stop loss distance according to the latest market price, then trail the market price based on the preset stop loss distance. These orders can automatically move the stop loss trigger point in the direction that benefits your positions, which help users to consistently earn profits and mitigate risks. 

TS Scenario: Jack places a BTC/USDT long order at a price of $20,000 and sets the trailing stop with a price distance of 200. The order’s trigger price is $20,200. If the market price rises to $20,100, the trailing stop trigger price remains $20,200; if the price falls to $20,000, the trigger price becomes $20,200. If the price continues to slide to $18,000, the order’s new trigger price is $18,200. If the price continues to fall further, the trigger price will be updated according to the market price following the price distance. If the price rises to $18,200, the stop-loss order will be filled.

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