AscendEX Referral Program is an incentive plan for users who want to refer their friends to AscendEX. Users will receive referral rewards as long as referred users meet referral requirements. Meanwhile, users can redistribute any portion of their referral rewards to referred users as a rebate for mutual benefits. Due to the different nature of trading, AscendEX will implement different Referral Programs for Cash & Margin Trading and Futures Trading.


AscendEX Referral Program for Cash & Margin Trading:

  1. Users need to invite friends (Invitee(s)) to register on AscendEX through the Personal Referral Link.
  2. Users will receive 10% of trading fee as referral rewards (the Commission) paid by Invitee(s) who register through the personal referral link and complete Cash/Margin trading (valid for 365 days).
    (1) If the Invitee’s VIP level of the day is VIP0-VIP3 during the referral valid period, users will receive 10% of their trading fee as the Commission.
    (2) If the Invitee’s VIP level of the day is VIP4 or above during the referral valid period, users will not be eligible for the Commission.
    (3) Users will no longer be eligible for the Commission after the referral valid period expires.

AscendEX Future’s Referral Program

1.Users need to invite friends (the Invitee(s)) to register on AscendEX through the Personal Referral Link.

2.The Invitee will be eligible for a 10% trading fee discount for 365 days upon registration on AscendEX.

3.Users will receive part of the Invitee(s)' trading fees as a Commission (valid for 365 days after the Invitee's account registration). The table below explains Referral Tier and Referral Ratio relative to total trading volume from all invitees:

Referral TierTotal Futures Trading Volume from All Invitees - T (USDT)Referral Ratio
10 ≤ T < 1,000,00025%
21,000,000 ≤ T < 10,000,00030%
310,000,000 ≤ T < 100,000,00035%
4T ≥ 100,000,00040%

4.Users can redistribute part of their futures Commission to the invitees by setting the Rebate Ratio.

5.The scope of the Referral Program only applies to VIP0 – VIP4 invitees. If the Invitee’s VIP level of the day is VIP5 or above, users will not be eligible for receiving the Commission to the Invitee.



  1. Users' Personal Referral Link applies to both Cash & Margin Referral and Futures Referral Programs.
  2. ONE day is set from UTC 0:00 to UTC 24:00. Referral commissions of the day will be settled at UTC 00:00 the next day, and will be posted to the user's account within 2 hours after settlement.
  3. Commission = Net Trading Fee AscendEX earned from referred user * Referral Ratio
  4. Reminder: Referral rewards are subject to real-time market adjustment. AscendEX reserves the final right on the interpretation and adjustment of the Referral Program. Please stay tuned for official announcements for any changes.