Dear Users,


Thank you very much for all your enthusiastic support for since the launch. We have exciting news today. After three years of steady growth, we are now embarking on the next phase of our accelerated expansion. As part of that strategic effort, we have decided to adopt a new name for our global business.


As of March 22, 2021, will be officially known to the English-speaking world as AscendEX. Additionally, the Chinese name of the platform, “Dingfeng,” will also be rolled out with enhanced brand elements including an updated logo, and other changes.


Our new brand name not only seeks inspiration from the rapid rise of digital assets but also expresses our aspiration for helping all the users to benefit from this new asset class and supporting the advancement of the blockchain industry. The Chinese name “顶峰”, inherits the connotation of the English name, and also reflects the new brand's future goals - with a new starting point, we strive to be a leading digital asset financial platform by building upon the core advantages of centralized trading platform with further Defi integration, and ultimately ascend to the pinnacle of the digital asset industry.


The color scheme of our new logo is updated with the dominant color of “water blue,” an energetic visual contrast against the secondary color of calming “midnight blue.” We hope this color combination can evoke a strong sense of reliability and security in the dynamic crypto marketplace.


The AscendEX logo will continue the symbolism of a sailboat, but this updated design extends the capital letter “A” to chart an upward trajectory for reaching new highs.


Our new branding has been in the works for a while, and we are really excited to finally unveil it. Our hope is that it will resonate with you, our community, and shows our determination to provide a robust and reliable experience and grow along with you.

Launched in the bear market, has survived and thrived through the ups and downs of the crypto market. Now with AscendEX being a beacon of rising ever higher, we are moving into the next chapter of our growth story.


Many of you have been long-time supporters and users of our platform from day one. Again, we are grateful for your dedication and support. This is the first of a number of strategic announcements we have planned out and the best is yet to come! team

Mar 16, 2021