Dear users,

In order to support the contract address change of (BSGG), AscendEX will:

1. At 2 AM UTC on January 15, 2024, suspension of BSGG deposit and withdrawal services.
2. Before 2 PM UTC on January 17, 2024, all old contract tokens held by AscendEX users will be exchanged into new contract tokens at a ratio of 1:1;
3. BSGG’s deposit and withdrawal services will be opened after the exchange.

New BSGG Token Contracts:
ERC-20: 0xdA16Cf041E2780618c49Dbae5d734B89a6Bac9b3
Avalanche: 0x49f519002EEcEd6902F24C0BE72B6D898e4D27FC

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding. Thank you for your continued support!

AscendEX Team

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