In order to be eligible for exclusive benefits and higher withdrawal limits, please ensure your identity verification is complete. Here’s how to verify your account!

1. First, open the AscendEX app and click on your profile icon to enter your personal account page. Click on the Identity Verification button to enter the Verification page.



2. Click on [Verify] to begin the verification process. This will take you to your Personal Information page.  


3. Once you are on the Personal Information page, select your country/region, enter your first name and last name; select ID Type, enter your ID number, and click on [Next Step].


4. Select the type of document you wish to scan.


5. Place your document within the frame until it is automatically captured. Please scan both sides of the document.



6. Please make sure to center your face within the frame and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the facial recognition scan. Once it is completed, click on [Continue].



7. Please wait while the system processes your facial recognition. Once it is completed, you will have a verified account.