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AscendEX is excited announce the launch of the Perpetual Futures Copy Trading, where you can copy trading strategies of top traders with just one click and enjoy substantial profits. Initially, our copy trading feature is available for BTC and ETH, and we will open copy trading for more cryptos. Stay tuned for updates!

How to get started with copy trading?

Currently, copy trading is only available on the AscendEX app. Simply go to the Copy Trading page of the AscendEX app homepage and select the trader you want to follow.

We are also calling for top traders to join us. As a copy trader, you will receive high profit sharing of 10% from your followers, gain exposure to millions of users for increased traffic, and enjoy various rewards. 

How to apply to be copy traders?

1. Access the trader application page within the app and submit your contact email to apply as a trader. Apply Now
2. Complete at least 3 trades on AscendEX futures within the past week.
3. Maintain a futures account balance of ⩾ 500 USDT.

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