Project: DefiDollar DAO

Token: DFD



DefiDollar is a DeFi Lab which aims to bring mass adoption to DeFi. It has a wide ranging product suite, the first of which to go live is the stablecoin index - DUSD, with ibBTC and optionCoin in the works.


Total Supply: 100,000,000 DFD

Current Circulating Supply: 18,546,104 DFD

Seed Sale Price: $0.20

Official Website:


Blockchain Explorer: 







Token Distribution

Early Supporters: 5%

Seed Investors: 6%

ILMO: 3%

Retroactive Mining: 1.5%

Public Rewards: 51.5%

Strategic Reserve: 10%

Team + Advisors: 23%



Token Vesting Schedule

Early Supporters: 2 month cliff, then linearly over 30 months

Seed Investors: Linearly over 24 months

ILMO: Genesis Ceremony: Seeding Liquidity for the protocol Initial Unlock 10%

Retroactive Mining: 30% unlocked at TGE and remaining over 6 months

Public Rewards: Over 36 months, Weekly emission to be decided dynamically

Strategic Reserve: Linearly over 1 year

Team + Advisors: 2 month cliff, then linearly over 36 months