AscendEX adheres to the core mission of providing users a secure and reliable trading platform. The platform has always been committed to ensuring the security of users’ accounts and assets by embedding state-of-the-art security measures and leveraging its robust risk control system.


AscendEX Security Mechanisms

1.     System Security

AscendEX has partnered with top-notched security companies to regularly conduct smart contract audits and security tests. The dynamic combination of hot and cold wallet solutions, integrated with a multi-firewall design and real-time monitoring, is deployed to protect users’ assets and mitigate security risks. 

2.     Account Safety Level Reminder

When you register an account, the system will send out a reminder of the security level of the account password if a more complex password is needed.

3.     Account Login Device Management

You can view and manage your account login devices. When there is a change to the relevant devices, you can delete the devices or change the devices’ info to eliminate security risks in the event of loss of devices or other reasons.

4.     Monitoring Abnormal Changes of Login Devices

If your account is logged in on a non-commonly used or a new device, the system will automatically send you a login reminder message. If you didn’t initiate the request, please contact AscendEX Customer Support immediately.

5.     Multiple Verification Mechanism

AscendEX currently supports three 2-step verification mechanisms: SMS verification code, email verification code and Google 2FA verification. The 2-step verification function can be used for account login, digital asset withdrawal, account password alteration, API keys generation, changes to account security settings, and so on. In addition, after changing the 2-step verification code, the system will automatically enable a 24-hour withdrawal hold to prevent security incidents in the event of an account breach or other security risks.

6.     Real-name Authentication

Through enabling the real-name authentication function, you can receive more platform benefits while enhancing the security of your account, such as increasing the withdrawal limits and gaining access to more trading permissions.

7.     Account Freezing Function

When your account encounters an unexpected incident, or you need to freeze / restrict your account's login, transaction, withdrawal, API and other functions due to other account security concerns, you can enable the "Account Freezing" function to protect your account and assets.

8.     Anti-phishing Code Function

AscendEX allows you to add personalized anti-phishing codes to your account to strengthen account security. Once this feature is enabled, all emails and text messages sent to you from the platform will contain the anti-fishing code set by you. You can use the codes to identify whether the emails and text messages you received are from AscendEX to identify phishing scams.

9. Real-time Reminder of Asset Movements

Each time you initiate a deposit or withdrawal request, AscendEX will deliver a real-time SMS or email notification to the phone or email address you bound to the platform, facilitating you to keep abreast of the transaction dynamics and the asset status of your account.

10.  API Key Permission Management

AscendEX supports the options of setting individual or combined permissions for data reading, fund transferring and transactions to help you manage your API more securely and effectively.