Point Card is a user-benefit card launched by AscendEX. After completing a purchase, users can use the point card to pay the loan interest on margin trading and enjoy a 50% discount.

1 point card = 5 points

1 point card = 5 USDT worth of margin interest

1 point = 1 USDT worth of margin interest

(Note: the decimal place of the points is the same as USDT trading pairs)

Example: the benefits of the 50% discount for the loan interest paid by point cards are the following:

Loan Interest Payable


Loan Interest Payable by Holding a Point Card

10 * 50% = 5 USDT (5 points deduced)

Point Card Purchase Rules
1. Point cards are sold by pieces, each worth 5 USDT and will be priced in ASD. The ASD price will be the average price of the last hour and will be updated every 5 minutes.
2. Users must pay ASD to buy point cards. Before purchasing, you can check the price information on the purchase details page of point cards.
3. Buying point cards only requires ASD holdings. No KYC verification or other conditions are required.
4. There is no limit on the number of point cards purchased.
5. All ASD used to purchase point cards will be permanently locked up.

Rules for Using Point Cards
1. After users purchase point cards, the system will automatically use the point card to deduct the loan interest settled in the margin trading with no manual operations required.
2. When a point card is utilized to pay loan interest, the interest payable will be settled in USDT at its real-time price with a 50% discount and the corresponding points will be deducted.
3. When loan interest generated before users purchase a point card is paid with a point card, users will be deemed ineligible for the 50% discount.
4. After purchasing a point card, users may give priority to using the point card to pay loan interest on margin trading.
5. A point card will be permanently valid until the points on it have been entirely depleted.
6. Once a point card has been sold, it cannot be returned.
7. Point cards are only applicable to the payment of loan interest on margin trading and cannot be used for other purposes.

AscendEX reserves the final right to interpret the adjustment and modification of the Point Card service.