AscendEX is a global digital asset financial platform servicing retail and institutional clients spanning over 200 countries and regions around the world.



Headquartered in Singapore, AscendEX was first launched in August 2018. Rooted in the blockchain industry, AscendEX has serviced millions of global crypto investors and traders with high-quality digital assets and comprehensive product offerings. It is also worth mentioning that the ASD, the native utility token of AscendEX, ranks among top 100 crypto assets by market capitalization. Currently, the platform lists over 200 digital assets from a wide range of industry-leading blockchain projects thanks to its forward-looking vision and disciplined approach toward listing due diligence. AscendEX has ranked among top 3 global trading platforms by ROI, based on industry research data.


Our Team

AscendEX was founded by a group of Wall Street quantitative trading veterans with profound expertise in traditional finance. Our core management team members in technology, operations, product, and business development functions have over-ten-years of professional experience from financial institutions, digital asset ecosystems, and internet industries. Our technologists are highly experienced in the research and development of large-scale and high- performance quantitative trading infrastructure to meet fast-moving market demand.


AscendEX Competitive Advantages

1. Exclusive Access to High-Quality Project Listing

Building on the strategic alignment with leading blockchain projects from digital asset ecosystems, we have pioneered a holistic approach to pre-listing screening, listing strategy, and post-listing advisory support in order to provide exclusive, premium listings to our users. Our rigorous due diligence process aims to identify high-quality listing candidates based on multiple business and valuation factors, including project’s viable business model and value proposition, healthy token economics, a growing user base, strong community support, and reliable funding sources. As part of our integrated go-market listing strategy, we provide both primary and follow-on listings with comprehensive support, spanning over marketing, communities, infrastructure support, and liquidity provision. This comprehensive structure allows projects to focus on building utility and fundamental value while AscendEX manages the rest for optimized return.

2. Robust Compliance and Risk Management Focus

A strong compliance mindset and robust risk management have always been our strategic priority. We have been keeping a very close eye on global regulatory development, market trends, and blockchain project innovation. As a result, we are consistently working to upgrade our risk management and compliance programs,

Asset security is an integral part of our service. We have partnered with independent security companies for regular smart contract audits and security tests. The dynamic combination of hot and cold wallet solutions, integrated with multi-firewall design and real-time monitoring, are deployed to protect users’ assets and mitigate security risks.

3. Scalable Technology Infrastructure

With our team expertise in building large-scale trading infrastructure, AscendEX brings robust, reliable, institutional-quality trading and investing experience to digital assets. Our large-scale trading architecture is designed with advanced order matching algorithms, real-time messaging distribution framework, and other advanced technologies to achieve reliability, high performance, scalability, and ease of use for trading and custody operations. The API interface supports multiple order types and provides user-friendly support for users, ranging from retail clients to professional traders.

4. Integrated Product Offerings of Trading-Staking-DeFi

Leveraging our deep roots in traditional, financial market structure, AscendEX built out holistic product offerings with full integration of "Cash –Margin – Futures - Staking – DeFi Mining" to enhance the trading experience and maximize return for both retail users and sophisticated institutions. Currently, AscendEX lists 200 digital assets from a wide-range of industry-leading blockchain projects, spanning from large-cap, altcoins, DeFi, NFTs, and other industry segments. We offer trading services over 265 trading pairs across cash, margin, and futures products. In 2020, AscendEX communities have kindly designated our platform as “the Trading Platform of Year.”


Our Rebranding

On March 22, 2021, our new brand, AscendEX, officially launched with subsequent major platform upgrades in brand logo design, user interface and functionality improvements, trading product design, platform token ecosystems, service support model, and risk management infrastructure.

Our new brand name not only seeks inspiration from the recent rise and global adoption of digital assets, but also expresses our aspiration toward helping users benefit from this new asset class and supporting the advancement of the blockchain industry. The Chinese name "顶峰", inherits the connotation of the English name, and also reflects the new brand's future goals. With a new starting point, we strive to be a leading digital asset financial platform by building upon the core advantages of a centralized trading platform with further DeFi integration, ultimately ascending to the height of the digital asset industry.


Our Philosophy and Vision

1. Core Values - Efficiency, Transparency and Resilience

Since launching in 2018, our core values of “Efficiency, Resilience and Transparency” have been the foundation on which AscendEX builds a tradition of innovation and commitment to excellence from premier listing, product design, and industry partnership expansion.

“Efficiency” highlights our relentless focus on operational excellence in robust system processing, streamlined business operations and client-first customer supports in order to drive our industry leading competitive positioning.

“Transparency” has always been an integral part of our client-centric DNA. From around-the--clock client support to proactive community engagements, we offer consistent communications of our strategic development and platform updates. Our transparent approach has helped us emerge as the leading digital asset platform for global users and establish our credibility as the trusted strategic partner for top-tier projects who seek to build long-term innovative token utility.

We view “Resilience” as a competitive strength of our platform for its stability and scalability, as well as a key success factor of our global business expansion throughout the precariousness of crypto markets. Accordingly, we have been focusing on continuous product innovation and infrastructure enhancement to drive long-term global growth.

2. Mission

With a strong control risk mindset, the AscendEX team has applied traditional financial market rigor to the design and development of high-performance infrastructure and digital asset security management. The core mission of the platform is to create a robust, secure, and reliable experience for all participants, a consistent source of liquidity for primary and follow-on listings, and integrated trading-staking-DeFi product offerings across the digital asset ecosystem.


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