Airdrop Multiple Card is a user-benefit card launched by AscendEX. After completing a purchase, users can enjoy "triple airdrop" benefits five times when participating in airdrop activities.


Example: more details for tripled airdrop benefits are explained below:

Rewards from an Airdrop20 USDT worth of tokens
Rewards from an Airdrop by Holding an Airdrop Multiple Card20 * 3 = 60 USDT worth of tokens


Purchase Rules for Airdrop Multiple Card

1. Users must pay ASD to buy airdrop multiple cards.

2. Airdrop multiple cards will be unscheduled for sales. Before making a purchase, users can check the quantity and price information of each issue on the purchase details page of airdrop multiple cards.

3. Each user may only purchase one airdrop multiple card for each sale.

4. To purchase an airdrop multiple card, users need to complete the identity verification steps.


Rules for Using Airdrop Multiple Card

1. The airdrop multiple card takes effect immediately after it is successfully purchased. When users with an airdrop multiple card participate in airdrop activities, they will enjoy multiplying rewards without manual operations.

2. The multiplying rewards gained from an airdrop multiple card will be calculated: the original airdrop reward * 3.

3. One airdrop multiple card may enjoy the multiplying rewards 5 times total.

4. Users will be rewarded by airdrops according to the rules of each airdrop activity.

5. The airdrop multiple card is only valid for airdrop activities from which users have not won rewards presently, and it does not take effect in cases where users have earned airdrop rewards before their purchase.

6. If a user has received an airdrop reward, but has not unlocked it within the specific period of the activity, it will be deemed that the user utilized the airdrop multiple card once.

7. If a user fails to meet the requirements of an airdrop activity, the user’s airdrop multiple card will be postponed until the next airdrop activity.


AscendEX reserves the final right to interpret the adjustment and modification of the Airdrop Multiple Card service.