Dear Users,    

AscendEX has rolled out a new sub-account feature that allows users to deploy multiple strategies for trading and flexibly manage your assets. 

A sub-account is a lower-level account that’s placed under your existing account (also known as parent account). All sub-accounts are managed by their parent account. When using a sub-account, you are entitled to the following:
• Each parent account may have up to 10 sub-accounts. If you need more than 10 sub-accounts, please initiate the request on the bottom of this page . 
•  An overview of all data and trading activities under a sub-account, including login history, order and asset management, etc. 
•  Fees will not be charged for asset transfers from a parent account to sub-accounts, or between sub-accounts. 
• Parent accounts have full control over sub-accounts, including password resets, Google 2FA authentication, and freezing sub-accounts, etc. 
• All sub-accounts' VIP level and trading fee structure are determined by the parent account that they are placed under. The parent account's VIP level and trading fee tiers are determined by the trailing 30-day trading volume and trailing 30-day average unlocked ASD (BTMX) holdings of both the parent account and all of its sub-accounts.
•  A parent account can apply for an API key for a sub-account. 

Please note:
• Users must complete KYC Level 2 verification and one of the following security verifications: binding an email or binding a phone for a parent account before creating sub-accounts. 
• Please view the Operation Manual for details on sub-account creation, as well as the features list for parent accounts and sub-account. 
• Please see our Q&A for more details.


Thank you for your continued support!


The AscendEX Team

June 5, 2021