Project: Refinable
Token: FINE


The first NFT marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain that allows individual users and established brands to create, trade and leverage their NFT.

Total Supply: 500,000,000 FINE 
Current Circulating Supply: 31,068,181 FINE
Offering Price: $0.033
Official Website:
Blockchain Explorer:


Token Distribution
Token Sale: 20.5% (Private Sale: 19.4%, Public Sale: 1.1%)
Community Mining: 20%
Liquidity Fund: 5%
Team: 10%
Treasury Fund: 35%
Reserves: 9.5%


Token Vesting Schedule
Private Sale: 25% on TGE and then evenly distributed until 24 May, 2021, upon which a vesting halt for private sale investors was implemented. The remaining vesting will restart 12 months from May 24th, 2021 and will unlock linearly over the next 12 months.

Public Sale: Fully unlocked at TGE
Liquidity Fund: Fully unlocked at TGE
Team: 20% after 1 year, 20% subsequently every 3 months
Community Mining: 1.5% on TGE, then 1.5% every month
Reserves: Fully unlocked at TGE