1. Open AscendEX App, visit [Staking] – [My Staking], and click on the token you want to unstake.



2. On the [My Staking Detail] page, click on [Undelegate] at the bottom.



3. On the Undelegation page, you can choose to unstake via [Regular Undelegation] or [Instant Unbonding]. Take [Regular Undelegation] as an example.

A. Choose [Regular Undelegation].

B. Enter an undelegation amount.

C. Click on [Confirm].



4. Regular Undelegation requires an unbonding period of overtime before assets can be fully unlocked, depending on the corresponding project's staking mechanism. During this unbonding period, staked assets are still in "undelegation" process, which will be shown on the "My Staking" page. Assets still in the "undelegation" process are not available for use.



5. If users choose to unstake via Instant Unbonding, assets can be redeemed instantly without the need to wait for the lengthy unbonding period. This is the service that AscendEX provides to address the liquidity issue of staking with extra fee charged.