AscendEX Staking

Trade on Margin and Futures with Staked Assets to Increase Earnings

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Why AscendEX?

Immediate Access to Staked Assets

Unstake to trade or transfer without delay. To enhance users’ staking experience, AscendEX maintains a liquidity pool of assets for immediate access after an asset is unstaked. “Instant Unbonding” allows users to manage staked assets at their own discretion even when delegating to a network with a lengthy unbonding period.

Staked assets as collateral for margin and futures trading

AscendEX allows staked assets to be used as collateral for futures and margin trading, enabling users to go long or short on their positions to hedge risk or further increase income while earning Staking profits.

Maximized Staking Returns

Automated reinvestment of rewards to compound return. To maximize returns on behalf of users, AscendEX automatically redelegates staking rewards to staking pools, thus allowing users to further enhance yield. Users can choose to activate or deactivate “Compound Mode” at their own discretion.


Staking: Explained

Staking on AscendEX Earn provides users with a passive income stream by generating yield on their idle assets. By locking up tokens in an AscendEX staking project, users are helping maintain blockchain network operations. The term "staking" comes from Proof-of-Stake ("PoS") blockchain networks. PoS blockchain networks rely on validators to operate full nodes that participate in various consensus mechanisms. It is complicated and technically prohibitive for the average user to run a validator and earn rewards independently. So, AscendEX removes these technical hurdles to staking and makes it easy for individuals to delegate assets to trusted validators with a few simple steps. AscendEX staking provides users with a simple method to earn a portion of the validator's block rewards based on their contribution amounts over time.

How Staking Works on AscendEX?

AscendEX's innovative staking products remove all technical barriers to entry and allow users of all levels to participate and earn rewards directly on the platform with an intuitive user experience. AscendEX does so by aggregating users' intent and delegating assets to trusted validators on their behalf. Deposit your choice of staking assets on AscendEX, and you will start earning rewards after just one day. Note, another unique staking feature on AscendEX is the ability for users to utilize staked assets as collateral for margin trading and futures trading, which provides hedging opportunities, additional income, and greater purchasing power for traders while they earn staking rewards.


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