High-Level Auction Details:
Auction Date: Wednesday, May 26th
Auction Start Time: May 26th, 1:00 PM UTC 
Auction End Time: May 26th, 2:00 PM UTC

Confirm that you meet the qualification standards in figure 1.

Figure 1:


>> Click here to view ASD holdings and trade volume requirements and rules

To participate in the AscendEX uncapped auction, simply complete KYC Level Two verification.  
Check HERE to see your current account verification level.

Freela (FREL) project details page can be found HERE:

Step 2 – Ensure You Meet the Minimum Requirements:
1. Sign up on AscendEX and complete the KYC Level Two verification.
2. AscendEX currently supports up to 25X leverage in Margin Trading, and up to 100x in Futures Trading.
3. Minimum required amount of assets to hold in cash account:

  • 600 USDT+270 ASD or 6,750 ASDP Standard Auction.
  • 100 USDT+any ASD or ASDP Uncapped Auction.

Step 3 – Bid to Win: 
1.Visit the FREL Auction Page
2.There will be two auctions – standard and uncapped.
3.If you win, a link will be provided to you to submit your AscendEX account email and auction confirmation code to claim your prize.
4.If you do not win the bid, your USDT, ASD, and ASDP payments will be fully refunded within one hour of the auction closing.

Auction Cost:
0.01 USDT + 0.0045 ASD/0.1125 ASDP (approximately 0.0125 USDT based on the current ASD price)

FREL Info: 
Initial Circulating Supply: Up to 70,000,000 FREL

Historical Auction Data:
All-Time High ROI Relative to Final Auction Price: