With the AscendEX Referral Program, users can receive commissions by simply inviting others to join and trade on the platform. Users can also modify the rebate factor on the web page as an incentive and share rewards with the invitees.

Take the following steps to refer a friend and earn rewards:
1. Log in to your AscendEX app (Download) and click on the profile icon in the upper left corner of the homepage.



2.     Click [Referral Reward] on the Personal Center page.


3.     Users have three ways to refer a friend on the AscendEX app.

        1. Send your Personal Referral Link and Invitation Code to your friends.


2. You can also click on[Choose Referral Poster] in the bottom left corner of the page and then choose a poster on the popup page for sharing.


        3. When your friends are nearby, you can click on [Face-to-Face] and show your friends the QR code to complete a referral.

        4. You can set a [Rebate Ratio] as an incentive for your invitees.


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