Project: DeFi11 
Token: D11


DeFi11 is the world's first defi powered gaming ecosystem for Fantasy Sports, NFT Virtual Hybrid World and much more.


Total Supply:275,000,000 D11
Current Circulating Supply:416,666 D11
Offering Price:$0.15
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Token Distribution
Token Sale :15.54%
Team :19.45%
Development :20%


Token Vesting Schedule
Seed :1 month cliff; 10% unlocked on Day 30, remaining linearly for 9 months 
Private :1 month cliff; 15% unlocked on Day 30, remaining linearly for 9 months
Public Sale :50% unlocked at TGE; remining vested over next 2 months
Team :100% locked at TGE, 6 months cliff, vested over next 15 months
Community Reserve :3 months cliff, Gradually vested over 48 months
Rewards & Incentives :15 day cliff; 2.5% unlocked on Day 15; Gradually vested over 24
Treasury :1 month cliff; Gradually vested over 24 months
Advisor Pool :3 months cliff, quarterly releasing over 24 months
Future Team Members :3 months cliff, vested over 12 months
Loyalty Pool :3 months cliff, gradually vested over 24 months