Dear Users,

Due to issues with the contract migration of Gala Games (GALA), there was an abnormal price fluctuation on the GALA/USDT trading pair after 05/15/2023 UTC. This incident led to a small number of orders executing at prices below the fair market price of $0.03 USDT. 

In an effort to foster a fair and orderly marketplace, the AscendEX team has decided to reverse orders that bought GALA with an average price below $0.03 USDT after 05/15/2023 UTC. Users who purchased GALA with an average price lower than $0.03 USDT and still had GALA in their AscendEX account after trading was halted will be debited GALA and credited USDT accordingly.

For those users who were severely affected by this market incident, please contact Customer Support for review on a case-by-case basis:

We are grateful for the support and understanding shown by our community during this time. We are committed to transparency, and will continue to share updates about the progress of this resolution on our official channels.

AscendEX Team

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