Dear Users,

AscendEX is excited to roll out a video contest for AscendEX users with a rewards pool of up to 10,000 USDT. Eligible Participants who submit videos will have a chance to win a share of 10,000 USDT of pooled rewards. The best videos will be chosen to be posted on AscendEX channels reaching millions of users.

Video Submission Period: Jul 15, 12 a.m. UTC – Aug 15, 12 a.m. UTC

Contest Rewards Pool

No. of ParticipantsTotal Rewards1st Place Rewards2nd Place Rewards3rd Place RewardsRewards for Runners-up
101,000 USDT500 USDT300 USDT200 USDTN/A
11-302,000 USDT800 USDT500 USDT300 USDTAn equal share of 400 USDT
31-605,000 USDT1,500 USDT800 USDT500 USDTAn equal share of 2,200 USDT
61+10,000 USDT2,000 USDT1,500 USDT800 USDTAn equal share of 5,700 USDT

Please note: Each participant who submits an eligible video will be able to claim the futures bonus credits worth 50 USDT. The top 10 videos will be posted on official AscendEX channels. Participants will have a chance to join the AscendEX Creator Program and win a VIP referral commission.  

How do I participate in the contest?

Step One: Make an original video introducing AscendEX futures. The videos should cover at least four of the following topics:

  1. What is futures trading? (Take the example of AscendEX Futures)
  2. How to execute a futures trade? The video should include the content such as transferring assets to a futures account, placing, and closing a futures order, and withdrawing assets.
  3. How to claim a Welcome Bonus Package on AscendEX? 
  4. An introduction to AscendEX’s unique features, such as Multi-Asset Collateral.
  5. List the key differentiators that set AscendEX apart from other trading platforms. List the reasons why you choose to trade on AscendEX.  
  6. Share some of your trading experiences while using the AscendEX trading platform or discuss your technical analysis of the current crypto markets.
  7. How to join the latest promotional events on AscendEX? Use an example of at least one event, such as the “Buy Crypto with Zero Transaction Fee“ promotional event. 
  8. List suggestions to improve AscendEX products. For instance, what new trading pairs and features would you like to see on AscendEX?

Step Two: Share your video and include #AscendEXFutures on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram. Please note: The headline of your video must contain #AscendEXFutures. Your post must contain your exclusive invitation link to AscendEX

Step Three: Register to join this contest. Registration Form

Scoring Criteria for Videos

  • 80% of the score will be calculated based on social media KPIs such as numbers of viewers, likes and comments on the videos.
  • 20% of the score will be determined by the AscendEX team based on the video quality and originality.

Contest Terms and Conditions

1. All submitted videos must be original. Any participants found violating AscendEX’s rules, or cheating will be removed from the contest. 
2. Participants must submit their videos before August 5 at 12 a.m. UTC. Videos shared on social media before the contest starts cannot be used for this contest. 
3. Participants must follow AscendEX on Telegram, YouTube, and Twitter.
4. Participants can share the video for this contest on social media platforms including but not limited to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 
5. Winners will be announced within 7 days after the contest’s conclusion. Rewards will be distributed to winners’ cash accounts within 15 days after the contest’s conclusion. The Futures Bonus Credits will be distributed to winners’ futures accounts within 15 days after the contest’s conclusion.
6. Futures Bonus Credits can be used for futures trades and transaction fees. Learn more.
7. AscendEX reserves copyrights for all videos submitted to the contest. Participants reserve the right of attribution for their videos. AscendEX has the right to copy, adapt and publish the videos submitted for the contest. 
8. AscendEX reserves the final rights to interpret and adjust these Terms and Conditions of the contest.

We truly appreciate your continued support.

The AscendEX Team

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