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To boost using experience and your asset utilization, AscendEX upgraded earn products for PC clients on September 8, 2022. Details are as follows:

1. Tiered APY
Different from the single APY, the new tiered APY provides users with various levels of APY to meet the financial preferences of different users. AscendEX supports the tiered APY for the first batch of 60 staking tokens. Earnings of your staked assets are calculated according to different tiers of APY. Here's an example:


APY before upgrade

New tiered APY

(Holding amount, APY)



Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3







User A stakes $2,000 ROWAN of which the part 0-$100 enjoy an APY of 141.8%, the part above $100, 118.26%, and the part above $1,000, 85.98%. Thus, the final earnings are the sum of tiered earnings calculated at the above 3 APY. Daily earnings = 100/365*141.8%+(1000-100)/365*118.26%+(2000-1000)/365*85.98%

2.One-click financing
To improve your asset utilization and maximize your profits, we launch the one-click function: Earn on All. With this function, all your assets available for financing will be filtered and deposited to quality wealth management products. That's where your passive income starts.


3. New page design
The calculator and asset charts have been added to the financial management page where you may calculate your earnings and track earning records more intuitively and efficiently.

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