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Round Three of BitMax's Trading Regatta (Last 49 Challengers) is in full swing, with lots of traders selected to compete in this semi-final round. To provide more opportunities for users to participate in the Trading Regatta, will launch an additional promotional event: users who follow & copy their favorite traders will have a chance to share a total of 4,000 USDTR futures tryout bonus credit. Details are as follows:


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The event will run from July 6th, 8:00 a.m. UTC to July 13th, 8:00 a.m. UTC.


Terms & Conditions:

1.      Users must first 1) subscribe to at least TWO pro traders on the platform, and 2) complete ONE copied trade to qualify for the tryout bonus.

2.      During the event, the first 200 users with Net Transfer to Futures Account (Net Transfer = Deposit - Withdrawal) greater than 100 USDT will each be eligible for 10 USDTR futures tryout bonus.

3.      During the event, the first 200 users with Total Trading Volume greater than 10,000 USDT will each be eligible for an additional 10 USDTR futures tryout bonus.

4.      Users must complete KYC V1 in order to receive the bonus.



1.’s Futures Tryout Bonus USDTR (equivalent to USDT in value) refers to the bonus credit offered by to users to trade futures contract on the platform, not real digital assets. Please note that the Futures Tryout Bonus CANNOT be withdrawn or transferred out. USDTR tryout bonus can be used as collateral, to pay for trading fees, or for funding payment for futures trading. Profits accrued from the USDTR tryout bonus will be automatically converted to USDT and CAN be withdrawn; losses incurred will be covered with the remaining USDTR tryout bonus until it's depleted. When used as collateral, USDTR tryout bonus is applied to the same reference price and discount factor as USDT.

2.      Each user account is eligible to receive the tryout bonus for transfer/trading only ONCE.

3.      The tryout bonus will be distributed on a first-come first-serve basis, until the total amount of 4,000 USDTR is used up.

4.      Users' eligibility will be reviewed daily at 8:00 a.m. UTC. Distribution will be completed by 8:00 a.m. UTC the following day.

5.      The tryout bonus will be valid for a week (7 days, starting from the receipt of the bonus). Unused USDTR amount will expire and be removed from the user’s account.


We truly appreciate your continued support.


The Team

July 6, 2020



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