Project: SX Network
Token: SX

SX Network is the first public blockchain to combine a smart contract platform with an on-chain community treasury and a native prediction market protocol.It's is also the first project built using Polygon SDK.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 SX
Current Circulating Supply: 79,733,333 SX
Offering Price: $0.461
Official Website:
Blockchain Explorer:

Token Distribution
55.00% to SX Network on-chain community treasury (550,000,000 SX)
22.86% to development team with 4-year vesting (228,554,913 SX)
17.14% to early backers with 4-year vesting (171,445,087 SX)
5.00% to strategic partners and marketing initiatives (50,000,000 SX)

Token Vesting Schedule

Community Treasury:
SX token holders have control over the community treasury, and therefore can decide to distribute the remaining 530,000,000 SX tokens as they see fit. However, these tokens can’t be used by the community until they vest. They will vest to the community treasury on a monthly basis according to the following schedule:

YearCommunity TreasuryVesting%
Year153,000,000 SX10.00%
Year2106,000,000 SX20.00%
Year3159,000,000 SX30.00%
Year4212,000,000 SX40.00%

Team, investor, and strategic marketing initiatives SX allocations will have tokens locked up on an identical schedule to the community treasury (i.e. 10% vesting in year 1, 20% in year 2, 30% in year 3, and the remaining 40% in year 4)