Dear Users,

AscendEX Earn is committed to providing users with stable and secure coin-margined investment opportunities with industry leading APRs. In appreciation for our users’ support, AscendEX is excited to kick off the specially designed Earn promotion program between Oct. 28, 12:00 a.m. and Nov. 11, 12:00 a.m. UTC, 2021, offering participants a chance to share big pooled rewards.

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Event One: Newcomer Welcome Bonus
New users who complete the following tasks will be eligible for up to 75 USDT worth of rewards.


Task 1


Participate in AscendEX Earn Quiz and correctly answer at least 90% of the questions (Limited to the top 500 participants)10-50 USTDR futures bonus credits

Task 2


Invest in any of AscendEX Earn offerings with the investment amount greater than or equal to 200 USDT (Limited to the top 500 participants)10 USDT

Task 3


Use staked assets as collateral for margin or futures trading while maintaining a trading volume of at least 200 USDT (Limited to the top 500 participants)

Learn more:

How to Use Staked Assets for Futures Trading

How to User Staked Assets for Margin Trading

For Margin Trading:

10 USDT + one Point Card for margin interest discounts

For Futures Trading:


Event Two: Join the Investment Challenge to Win Up to 1,000 USDT in Rewards
AscendEX will rank users who invested in AscendEX Earn offerings by the increased investment amount during the event. The top 200 investors will be eligible for the following rewards based on the following rankings.

No. 11,000 USDT
No. 2800 USDT
No. 3600 USDT
4th - 10th200 USDT per winner
11th - 50th50 USDT per winner
51st - 100th30 USDT per winner
101st - 200th20 USDT per winner

Event Three: Share Event Posters to Win Rewards
The top 20 participants daily who complete the following tasks will each receive 10 USDTR futures bonus credits. 

1. Complete and submit the Event Registration Form.
2. Share event posters or copywriting to at least three Telegram communities (non-AscendEX Telegram channel) with 1,000+ members.
Or share them on any social platforms such as Twitter, Reddit and Instagram to get five likes.
Please note, a screenshot should be made three minutes after posting or retweeting.

Terms and Conditions:
1. The estimated investment amount of AscendEX Earn investors (for Staking, DeFi Mining and ASD Ecosystem offerings) is calculated in USDT and will be subject to the closing price of the pair of deposit TOKEN/USDT at the date of the event’s completion.
2. The users who newly invested in AscendEX Earn offerings in the Event One refer to those users who signed up on AscendEX after April 2020 but have not invested in any AscendEX Earn products since.
3. AscendEX Futures Bonus Credit denominated in USDTR (equivalent to USDT in value) can be used to pay for futures trading/funding fees. Please read HERE for Futures Bonus Credit Terms and Conditions to learn more.
4. One day is defined from 12 a.m. UTC to 12 a.m. UTC the next day. For instance, 12:00 a.m. on Oct. 28 to 12:00 a.m. on Oct. 29. 
5. Users must have a verified AscendEX account to be eligible to participate in the events.
6. If a user redeems their investments before the conclusion of the event, the user will not be eligible for the extra rewards. However, the distribution of the regular staking returns will not be affected.
7. Rewards will be distributed to the accounts of the winners within 14 days after the events' conclusion.

AscendEX will strictly enforce all the related rules. Any participants found violating AscendEX’s rules, such as the use of duplicate or false accounts, will be removed from the event. AscendEX reserves the final rights to interpret and adjust these Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for your continued support!

The AscendEX Team

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