AscendEX Futures has launched the new Multi-position Mode, which allows users to hold multiple independent long and short positions for the same futures contract. To enable this mode, please follow these steps:


1.Open the AscendEX app and navigate to the futures trading page. Tap on the One-Way button at the top of the page.

2.In the pop-up window that appears, tap the Multi-position > Confirm to enable the multi-position trading mode. Please make sure you have no positions or open orders, or cancel all positions and open orders under the current mode before switching to Multi-Position mode.

3.Please note, only cross-margin mode is available under the multi-position mode, so make sure all your futures positions are in cross-margin mode before switching.

4.Under the Multi-Position mode, you can open orders in different types and enter the (buy or sell) quantity and price for each order to open or close positions.

5.With Multi-Position mode enabled, you can hold multiple independent long and short positions for the same contract.

6.While you can theoretically hold as many positions as you want under Multi-Position mode, keep in mind that all your positions will share the same margin in cross-margin mode. Therefore, be careful not to over-leverage your margin when opening new positions and pay close attention to your futures information, such as margin ratio to avoid the risk of liquidation.