For Futures Bonus Credit:

Futures Bonus Credit can be used as collateral to open or maintain positions and to pay for up to 50% of trading fees.

Futures Bonus Credit cannot be withdrawn, transferred out, or used to cover withdrawal fees.

After receiving Futures Bonus Credit users must trade any futures product at least once within 14 days to activate the bonus credit. After activation, the bonus credit will be only valid for 60 days. Unactivated Futures Bonus Credits will expire in 14 days after they are received.

Any asset transfers from futures account to cash account will render all unused bonuses invalid.


Regarding Point Cards:

Interest incurred in margin trading will always be paid with Point Cards first if available.

Users can get a 50% discount on interest when paid with Point Cards, which will be converted to USDT at the prevailing price.

Point Cards cannot be withdrawn or transferred. Point Cards will be valid for 15 days after being credited to users’ accounts. 


For Bids of Upcoming Auctions:

Bids of upcoming auctions are the quota AscendEX will buy from the market to reward users when the next auction for the project kicks off. Users can exchange the bid reward for one bid item at the final bid price of the Standard Auction for the project. The prize will be distributed to winners’ accounts within 3 days after the auction kicks off. (Winners will receive an email notification when the next auction kicks off.)