Dear Users, 

Following the December 11th security breach, we want to emphasize our commitment to our community by providing transparent and regular updates.

At AscendEX, doing right by our customers is our obligation. Accordingly, any impacted customers will be 100% reimbursed for losses incurred from this security incident. Especially in the cryptocurrency industry, where community is often the driving force of growth and innovation, it is critically important for AscendEX to always remain true to this commitment.

We are in the process of standing up a new hot wallet infrastructure and estimate deposits and withdrawals to resume in the next 36 – 48 hours. Trading, staking, and yield farming services have not been impacted by this security incident and remain active. We plan to resume withdrawals gradually, beginning with Ethereum. Any user that wishes to withdraw their assets will be permitted to do so in an uninterrupted capacity once withdrawals reopen for the particular coin or token.

AscendEX will release a comprehensive security post-mortem report in the coming days to provide transparency on the root cause of the incident as well as the actions we have taken to mitigate future risks. 

AscendEX continues to work in close collaboration with token projects to protect not only our community, but theirs, as well. We are supporting engineering costs for projects that perform token swaps, and many of the heavily impacted projects have already begun these swaps to ensure network integrity. Bemil Coin and Zignaly have been the first to exercise token swaps and have saved their communities more than $8M worth of tokens as a result. 

As always, we are grateful for your continued support. As the investigation continues, we will remain in regular communication with our users, projects, and other key members of the community to resolve this situation and ensure timely, equitable solutions for any impacted users. 

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Thank you, 

The AscendEX Team