Description of the Page Functions

1.     Tab Bar Area: Here you can view the price, volume, funding rate, funding rate interval, open interest, etc. of different trading pairs. You can also click on “Futures Bonus” and “Contract Info” to learn more details about futures trading. You can also set up the overall layout of the futures trading page based on your trading and layout preferences.

2.     Candlestick Charts Area: Here you can check the latest market prices, market trends and price history. There are dedicated market analysis tools provided in the section that cover popular market analysis strategies utilized by professional traders, which aid users in analyzing and predicting market trends to earn profits.

3.     Order Book Area: Here you can check the order book of revealing the buy and sell orders currently available in the futures market, including price, size and total volume. You can leverage the order book to analyze market dynamics and predict market trends. You can also select different view modes: such as only buy orders, only sell orders, or both buy & sell orders.

4.     Trades Area: Here you can view the trade history of different pairs with information including price, trade amount and time of trade.

5.     Positions Area: Here you can view all of your positions in detail with information including futures account details, ticker symbol, entry price, mark price, est. liquidation price, margin & margin ratio, PnL ratio, TP/SL, and more. You can also switch tabs to view open orders, order history and collateral info.

6.     Order-Placing Area: Here you can buy and sell futures contracts and set up your order type, margin mode, desired leverage, and TP/SL instructions.

7.     Margin Mode Area. Here you can check margin mode, margin ratio, maintenance margin, and collateral balance. This section enables users to obtain real-time collateral information in order to mitigate trading risks.

8.     Futures Assets Area. Here you can check the total collateral and PnL of your futures account. You can click on “Transfer” and “Deposit” to make a transfer or deposit between different accounts.