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AscendEX has been established for three years. Over the three-year entrepreneurial journey, it has rolled out more than 200 premier project listings, with a daily turnover reaching roughly 500 million USD. With cooperation from 200+ quality community captains, AscendEX has nearly 20 million community members globally. Your gracious support, understanding and trust are indispensable to the rapid growth of the platform. We express our heartfelt thanks to you, our user community.

In celebration of AscendEX 3rd anniversary, AscendEX, the Waterfall DeFi (WTF)  team, Ternoa team, the Zignaly team and the Crowny team will jointly roll out promotional events, offering users a chance to share in a $250,000 prize pool. Details are as follows:

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Event Name

Event Period

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Bounty Rush

11/30 12:00 AM - 12/7 12:00 AM UTC

Sign up, trade, and complete tasks to share in a 30,000-USDT bounty pool. The more tasks completed, the more bounties there are to win.


3rd Anniversary Mystery Prizes

12/7 2:00 AM - 12/14 12:00 AM UTC

Complete tasks to win mystery prizes including NFT tokens, bid quotas of an upcoming AscendEX Auction, token airdrops, and more.


Margin/Futures Trading Challenge

12/9 12:00 AM - 12/23 12:00 AM UTC

Share a prize pool worth $50,000 USDT for early participants. Execute margin or futures trades to win a share of $70,000.


Invest in AscendEX Earn

12/15 12:00 AM - 12/30 12:00 AM UTC

Invest in AscendEX Earn to receive daily earnings, complete quizzes, and tasks to share pooled rewards worth $30,000.


AscendEX will strictly enforce all the related rules. Any participants found violating AscendEX’s rules, such as the use of duplicate or false accounts, will be removed from the events. AscendEX reserves the final rights to interpret and adjust events' Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for your continued support!

The AscendEX Team

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