Our One-minute Digest

Dec 12 – Dec 18, 2020


Platform Update

  • Currently listed a total of 159 tokens with the product offering BTMX investment Multiple Card, Airdrop Multiple Card, Staking Service, BTMX Investment, etc. for potentially higher rewards.


Latest Listings

  • Dec 14 – Listed YIELD App (YLD) under the trading pair of YLD/USDT. YIELD is a licensed and regulated FinTech company that offers a mobile app and web platform to provide the easiest way to invest in DeFi using crypto or traditional currencies.
  • Dec 15 - Listed Aubit(FWT) the trading pair of FWT/USDT. Freeway Tokens (FWT) are the native utility tokens for AuBit Freeway — a ground-breaking new asset management platform built for greater total returns on the world’s top investment products with no additional risk.
  • Dec 18 – Listed KIRA Network (KEX) under the trading pair of KEX/USDT. KIRA is the first decentralized network that enables staking on any digital asset in the blockchain ecosystem.


Activities in the Spotlight

  • Join BitMax Two-Year Anniversary Celebration to share 50,000 USDT in surprise gifts.
  • Bonfida (FIDA) Auction concluded successfully on Dec 17 at 10:00 a.m. EST.
  • FIDA Quests underway: complete online quiz, retweet event posts, join Telegram groups, bid in the auction, make a trade on Bonfida Dex, submit activity form, or trade for your share of 30,000 USDT in tokens.
  • Join FWT limited-time Promotion: trade FWT for a chance to share 27,000 USDT in tokens.
  • Join YLD promotions: 1) trade YLD for a chance to earn 1.5 bps (0.015%) rebate in USDT, 2) submit the activity form to receive exclusive rewards to Airdrop Multiple Card holders, 3) trade YLD to Share 15,000 USDT Token Rewards.
  • Participate in KEX promotions: complete simple tasks to share 105,000 KEX.


DeFi Project Highlights

  • Kira Network (KEX): pre-staking with 30% est. APR
  • Akash (AKT): Official Transition to Akash (AKT) On-Chain Staking
  • DMM(DMG): Deposit USDT to Farm DMG with 71% est. annualized yield via Yield Farming;


BitMax Ecosystem

  • Distribution Pool: 2,214,107 USDT
  • Total Est. Daily Profit/1MM BTMX This Week: 154 USDT
  • Diverse global communities with 70,798 users from Korea, Russia, India, Turkey, Vietnam, Italy, Japan, Spain etc., up by 315 over last week.


Social Media Matrix

BitMax Official Twitter Account 58,610 followers.


Learn with Us - BitMax Copy Trading


With BitMax.io Copy Trading Service, users can follow and copy selected traders, replicating their strategies on the platform. After users choose and subscribe to a trader and turn on the Copy Trading function, the system will automatically copy the selected trader's order instructions to the users' account for execution.

The referral rules for copy trading are the same as the current Referral Program on BitMax.io.


Upon subscription, users can choose to copy trades via "Copy with Fixed Amount" or "Copy with Proportional Amount."


When a user subscribes to a trader on the platform for the first time, the user will be eligible for a five-day free trial period, during which the user can subscribe to the trader and follow trades for free.


Built upon BitMax.io's institutional-grade system, the Copy Trading Service allows users to copy trades instantly for execution with low latency system processing.