BTMX Data:

According to data reported on’s ( website as of July 3, 2020:

 Daily Profit/1MM BTMX: Around 31 USDT

Max Supply: 772,653,889 BTMX

Total Effective Investment Quota: 627,859,662 BTMX

BTMX Market Cap: 28.3873 Million USDT

Distribution Pool: 3.5395 Million USDT

This Week’s BTMX Consumption: 689,528 BTMX

This Week’s BTMX Released from Private Sale Portion: 344,764 BTMX

This Week’s Total Platform Trading Volume: 2,214,000,000 USDT


Platform Update:

  • 2– Started Auction of UAT Pending Release from Private/Public Sale Portion.
  • 2– Launched Insolar (XNS) Pre-Staking with Est. 10% Annualized Return.
  • Rewards for the following two events have all been distributed: 1) "Stake ONE to Earn Bonus with up to 30% Est. APR" and 2) "Deposit BAND for Staking Bonus with up to 30% Est. APR."
  • is holding a Trading Regatta for traders. Nine Pro Traders will be selected to sign with for exclusive privileges worth One-Million USDT. They can also enjoy 100% futures trading commissions from referrals. The Regatta is comprised of four rounds.

Round Two: Time for Revival

During June 30th, 8:00 a.m. EDT – July 5th, 8:00 a.m. EDT, eligible traders who 1) reach a total trading volume greater than 1,000 USDT and 2) complete the Suggestion Form for Product Optimization will have a chance to share the reward pool of 2,000 USDT. Top 3 suggestions will be selected through voting. Users participating in voting will have a chance to share the reward pool of 500 USDT.

  • has launched THORChain (RUNE) Staking Service. Users participating in RUNE Staking before July 9th, 10:00 a.m. EDT will be eligible for total of 50% est. annualized return.
  • is offering a 3-month pre-staking program for xDai (STAKE) with an estimated 36.4% annualized return. Users who participate in xDai (STAKE) pre-staking while staking XTZ or ATOM or KAVA will be eligible to join the Pre-Staking Sweepstake Draw. Winners can earn 5 times the staking rewards for all staking in the corresponding reward calculation period.
  • The platform implemented Take-Profit(TP)/Stop-Loss(SL) instructions for futures trading on PC and APP (iOS 2.2.1 & Android 2.1.9). Users can set TP/SL instructions when placing new orders or holding open positions.


Upcoming Events:

  • Develop Version 1.2 for Copy Trading Service
  • Roll out Staking Service on APP
  • Launch Round Three of BitMax’s Trading Regatta
  • Develop Isolated Margin Mode for futures trading.


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