Project: Decentralized Information Asset

Token: DIA



DIA (Decentralized Information Asset) is an open-source platform for transparent, community-verified price oracles for DeFi applications.


Total Supply:200,000,000

Circulating Supply:8,031,513 

Official Website:







Token Distribution:

Bonding Curve Supply: 30,000,000, 15.0% of total supply

Ecosystem Token Pool: 25,000,000, 12.5% of total supply

Team Tokens: 24,000,000, 12.0% of total supply

Existing Backers: 19,500,000, 9.8% of total supply

Association Reserve: 91,500,000, 45.7% of total supply

Private Sale: 10,000,000, 5% of total supply



Token Vesting Schedule:

Bonding Curve Supply: No lock up, unsold tokens will be burnt

Ecosystem Token Pool: Reserved for use based on quarterly governance vote

Team Tokens: 7-month lock up, weekly distribution over 13 weeks afterwards

Existing Backers: Locked-up partially via legal contracts from 4–12 months

Association Reserve: unlocked over an annual, linear schedule over 10 years

Private Sale: Release after the completion of the bonding curve sale