Project:Decentralized Advertising




DAD as a new generation of Decentralized Advertising public chain, is committed to creating an infrastructure that connects global advertising. Through blockchain technology, we can make advertising data more transparent. Through the Lightning Network, small high-frequency settlements in the advertising field become possible. Through token economy incentives, each role will become more active in maintaining a healthy development within the DAD ecology.

DAD, which currently has a mature advertising business model, has attracted the support of quality investment institutions such as OGC, NEO Ecological Fund and DHVC Danhua Capital. Currently DAD is the super node of several top blockchain projects, including Klaytn, Ontology, NEO and VSYS. At the same time, DAD joined the governance committee of Klaytn, the top blockchain project led by Korean Internet giant Kakao, and worked with members of the committee such as Kakao, LG Electronics, Celltrion, and Philippine United Bank to promote the development of the global blockchain eco-system.


Total Amount:1,000,000,000

Initial Circulating Amount:81,666,676

Offering price:0.2 USD

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Token Distribution Structure

Core Team 15%

Ecosystem Expansion 15%

Partners 20%

Institutional Partners 15%

Community and User Rewards 35%