Project Name: OpenDeFi

Token Name: ORO


Project Introduction 


OpenDeFi, powered by OroPocket, is creating a bridge between real world assets and the DeFi space by tokenizing real world assets and providing a slew of financial services on top of these assets. These include staking assets to earn a rent or yield, flash loans against investments, instant exchange without slippage, asset backed cards to spend investments in real time, and cross-chain value creation by allowing the free movement of assets across chains.


Total Supply: 100,000,000 ORO

Current Circulating Supply: 4,250,000 ORO

Initial Offering Price: 0.16 USDT

Official Website:

Blockchain Explorer:





Token Distribution


Sale of Tokens - Seed Round:5%

Sale of Tokens - Private Round:10%

Foundational Reserve:15%


Staking/Farming rewards:20%

Buiding asset reserves:20%





Token Vesting Schedule


Sale of Tokens - Seed Round:10% on TGE; 22.5% every quarter.

Sale of Tokens - Private Round:20% on TGE; 20% every quarter

Foundational Reserve:Initial exchange liquidity and remaining locked for 9 months

Team:2 years cliff period and then monthly linear unlock from month 25-48 from TGE

Staking/Farming rewards:Unlocks as per the yield farming index:

Buiding asset reserves:Deployment controlled via governance.

Partnerships:Dependent on future partnerships.

Advisors:1 year cliff and then monthly linear unclicking from month 13 to 24 from TGE.

Marketing:Locked for 6 months from TGE.