Token: MAPS


Introduction 2.0 aims to be the ultimate travel companion and your passport to the new financial system. Powered by Serum and running on the fast and scalable Solana blockchain, and its 140mm users represent a one-in-a-kind opportunity to accelerate the worldwide adoption of DeFi. MAPS tokens will bind’s users and provide familiar travel reward programs and discounts, as well as governance features on certain aspects of ecosystem.


Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 MAPS

Initial circulating supply: 75,000,000 MAPS

Official Website:


Blockchain Explorer:

Solana SPL blockchain browser:



Token Distribution

Private sale: 5%

Public Sale and initial liquidity: 5%

Serum community fund: 20%

MAPS community fund: 20%

Liquidity & token growth: 5%

Ecosystem partners: 10%

Project builders: 15%

Technology & product: 10%

Ecosystem growth & marketing: 10%


Token Vesting Schedule

Public Sale and initial liquidity: Unlocked 

Locked tokens are fully locked for the first year from token genesis, and then unlock linearly over the six years following.