Project: Freeway

Token: FWT



Freeway Tokens (FWT) are the native utility tokens for AuBit Freeway — a ground-breaking new asset management platform built for greater total returns on the world’s top investment products with no additional risk.


Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 FWT

Circulating Supply: 890,000,000 FWT

Official Website:


Blockchain Explorer:




Token Distribution

Seed Sale: 6%, $0.000833 USD per token

Private Pre-Sale: 18%, $0.00125 USD per token

Proof of Stake Rewards Pool: 21%

Team: 10%

Advisors: 4%

Partners: 10%

Expansion and Ecosystem Partners: 8%

Treasury: 10%

Early Investors: 8%

Community Incentives: 3%

Floating Liquidity: 2%


Token Vesting Schedule

Seed Sale: 10% released immediately, 9% monthly thereafter

Private Pre-Sale: 15% released immediately, 17% monthly thereafter

Proof of Stake Rewards Pool: 24 Month Lock

Team: 12 Month Lock, 24 Month Vesting

Advisors: 12 Month Lock, 24 Month Vesting

Partnerships: 12 Month Lock, Not Used in Governance

Treasury: 1 Month Lock, 0.5% Vested Monthly

Early Investors: 6 Month Lock, 24 Month Vesting

Community Incentives: 6 Month Lock

Floating Liquidity: Unlocked from Day 1 for Liquidity Support