Dear Users, will launch public test of Transaction Mining activities to all global users through test-net at 12:00am EST November 1st, 2018.

The following summary will provide key information necessary in support of your testing process during the First Phase.


Registration Requirement

New registration on the test-net is required. Since this is a brand-new separate website, current account registration would not be applicable here.

Upon your successful completion of registration, the system would automatically deposit test tokens into your account for you to initiate the testing of Transaction Mining functionalities.


Limitation on Deposit and Withdrawal Functions

The test-net will not provide any deposit and withdrawal functions. All the test tokens will be cleared out after the conclusion of public test period and the shutdown of test-net.


Scope of Phase One Testing

In preparation for the upcoming official launch of Transaction Mining, users should focus on testing the following major functions on the test-net during the First Phase:

  • Registration and log-in for both web and mobile H5.
  • The setup and selection of trading modes (Mining, Reverse-Mining and Regular Trading) for Maker and Taker trade in the Account page; The purpose is to understand the impact from different setup combination on various trading modes.
  • Buy, sell and cancellation functions.
  • Asset position update post trade to assess if the asset position has been accurately updated.
  • Reliability, stability and accuracy of API connection.


Participation Reward Program

If any issues identified during the testing process, please directly contact our 24/7 Customer Support through the following channels:

Participation reward is set out as below:

  • Reward range of 5-50 USDT: Effective bug and rule-based suggestion that is accepted by the platform
  • Reward range of 20-200 USDT for the following examples: Submission of complete testing report (greater than 800 words) and sharing with 3rd party platform upon our approval; comparative analysis of our platform against other mining exchanges, etc.
  • For similar suggestion, the reward will be issued based upon first-come-first-serve basis.
  • The total cap of reward is set at 10,000 USDT.
  • The reward will be calculated and notified to the user within five business days upon the conclusion of the program.
  • Only users who have a real account with Testnet) and passed KYC are eligible for rewards.


Please stay tuned for further announcement on Distribution Rules of Platform Data Usage Reward, Platform Token Consumption Rules and Lock-up Rules in the coming days.


Thanks a lot for your continued support.


Regards, Team