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To support the ongoing growth of Bonfida (FIDA), has launched FIDA Pre-Staking Program. users will get an exclusive first look at FIDA token open-staking, and have a great chance to earn 26% est. APR for the first week. After the 1st week, the est. APR for FIDA Pre-Staking will be adjusted to 4%. Details are as follows:


FIDA Pre-Staking


First Week Est. APR%26% (50% paid out as unlocked FIDA; remaining 50% as locked FIDA)
After First Week Est. APR%4% (50% paid out as unlocked FIDA; remaining 50% as locked FIDA)
Minimum Delegation Amount10 FIDA
Maximum Delegation AmountNone
Minimum Staking PeriodUnstake anytime
Reward Calculation Starting TimeT+1 Day
Reward Distribution Starting TimeT+2 Day
Reward Distribution CycleEvery Day
Regular Unbonding Period20 Days
Instant UnbondingSupported
Instant Unbonding Fee1%
Minimum Undelegation Amount10 FIDA
Staked Assets as Margin CollateralNot Available Now
Compound ModeSupported


PC: Click here to participate in FIDA Pre-Staking


App: Click [Staking] on the homepage to participate.


This program is different from traditional airdrops or deposit rewards. Under the pre-staking program, users will be required to lock up tokens in order to earn rewards, the same as with official on-chain staking. Also users have the flexibility to unstake anytime, which is different from term-deposits. While unstaking requires an unbonding period, offers instant unbonding service that allows users to claim back staked tokens immediately at a small price.


We truly appreciate your continued support. Team

Dec 22, 2020


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