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From Nov 20, 10:00 a.m. EST, 2020, will support up to 25X leverage for BTC, ETH and USDT in Margin Trading. Also there will be no more Maximum Account Leverage restriction based off user account’s Margin Net Balance.


As a token of appreciation for your continued support, we will host a one-week-long “Margin Master” Trading Contest once per month. The first contest will be held from Nov 20, 10:00 a.m. EST to Nov 27, 10:00 a.m. EST, 2020.


So, don’t miss out the opportunity to win your share of great prizes with margin trading up to 25X leverage.


Terms & Conditions


Three sets of prizes are waiting for you:


One: Welcome Reward for 200 Beginners


For the first 200 users who 1) open a Margin Account for the first time and 2) reach Total Margin Trading Volume ≥ 500 USDT during the event, each will be eligible for 5 USDT worth of Point Card. First Come, First Serve!



1. The Point Card reward will be distributed to winner's account within 14 business days after the event.

2. With Point Card, users can enjoy a 50% discount on margin interest repayment.

3. The card will be valid for 15 days after receipt.

4. Unused points will expire after 15 days.


Two: USDT Prize for Trading Talents


Users need to submit the form for participation.


Participants who complete the tasks will be rewarded with points per the following schedule:





DepositNet Transfer to Margin Account (Deposit -Withdrawal) ≥ 100 USDT

2 pts per 100 USDT Net Transfer


Staked Asset as Margin Collateral

Transfer staked assets to Margin Account as collateral

How to Use Staked Assets in Margin Trading

*Supported Assets: DOT, SRM, ATOM, KAVA, LTO, XTZ and ONE



Trading VolumeTotal Margin Trading Volume ≥ 1,000 USDT

2 pts per 1,000 USDT Trading Volume


Trading PeriodMargin trading for total five days during the event



Event SharingShare the event poster on Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms (click to submit task info)








-  Top 10 participants ranked by total points will win a proportional share of 3,000 USDT reward.

-  20 users with total points ≥ 10 will be selected to win an equal share of 500 USDT reward.



1. Users are required to complete KYC 1 for participation.

2. For “Event Sharing” task, please click here to submit the task info. Completing the task without proper info submission will be deemed incomplete.

3. Rewards will be distributed to winner's account within 14 business days after the event.



Three: iPhone 12 Pro Max for Margin Trading Masters


The contestants ranked FIRST for two consecutive months will be crowned “Margin Trading Master” and win one iPhone 12 Pro Max.



1. reserves the final right to interpret and adjust these Terms and Conditions. For any abusive or suspicious activity detected, will take action and disqualify the user from the event.

2. Reminder: Margin trading allows users to increase buying power to potentially achieve higher return with proper risk management. However, with higher market volatility of digital asset, users may also incur much greater losses with use of leverage.  Therefore, users should fully understand the risk of trading on margin before opening a margin account and use caution when trading.


We truly appreciate your continued support. Team

Nov 20, 2020


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