Dear Users, has launched Stafi (FIS) Staking Service. Details are as follows:


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FIS Staking

Minimum Delegation Amount10 FIS
Minimum Staking PeriodUnstake anytime
Reward Calculation Starting TimeT+1 Day
Reward Distribution Starting TimeT+2 Day
Reward Distribution CycleEvery Day
Regular Unbonding Period14 Days
Instant UnbondingSupported
Instant Unbonding Fee1.5%
Minimum Undelegation Amount10 FIS
Staked Assets as Margin CollateralNot Available Now
Compound ModeSupported


Participate in Stafi (FIS) Staking to Share 10,000 FIS Additional Bonuses


Time: Oct 10, 9:30 a.m. EDT - Oct 23, 9:30 a.m. EDT


During the event, users who meet the following three requirements will be eligible to share 10,000 FIS additional bonuses proportionally based upon their 14-day Average Staking Quantity from all eligible users.

1. Stake FIS

2. 14-day Average Staking Quantity ≥ 500 FIS

3.  Do NOT unstake any FIS tokens during the event


*14-Day Average Staking Quantity = Sum of Daily FIS Staking Quantity/14


Bonuses will be distributed to user’s account within 14 business days after the event. reserves the final right to interpret and adjust these Terms and Conditions. For any abusive or suspicious activity detected, will take action and disqualify the user from the event.


We truly appreciate your continued support. Team

Oct 10, 2020


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