Dear Users,


AscendEX will make the following adjustments based on EASY’s hard fork & token swap plan with a timeline as follows:


1. Delist EASY tokens from AscendEX Staking: Apr 29, 03:00 a.m. UTC, 2021. All staked EASY will be refunded to users’ cash accounts within 24 hours.  


2. Take a snapshot of user EASY holdings (including holdings in Staking) on Apr 19, 2021 after the EASY trading was suspended and distribute new EZ tokens to all eligible EASY token holders at the ratio of 1 EASY (old ticker) = 1 EZ (new ticker).


3. Please note, AscendEX will only credit tokens deposited before Ethereum block height 12,276,665 (Apr 20, 11:09:55 UTC, 2021) and the token swap will occur per EASY’s team plan. The ratio for distribution will follow the same plan: 1 EASY (old ticker) = 1 EZ (new ticker).


4. Open EZ ERC20 deposit and withdrawal: Apr 30, 01:00 a.m. UTC, 2021

Open trading for EZ/USDT and EZ/BTC trading pairs: Apr 30, 02:00 p.m. UTC, 2021


5. The new contract address for EZ tokens on Ethereum: 0x00aba6fe5557de1a1d565658cbddddf7c710a1eb


Please view EasyFi Security Incident for details.


Thank you for the continued support!


AscendEX Team

Apr 29, 2021




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