Dear Community,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our users who have joined the community. Your valuable feedback, suggestions, and referrals have been integral to the continued improvement of our platform. In appreciation for our users, we will be launching the “ Ambassador Reward Program”. 

This reward program will run from November 13th(EST), 2018 to December 11th (EST). Methods of participation are as follows:

  1. Publish an original article or video on a third-party platform (Twitter, Facebook, crypto-related discussion forums, etc). Its contents can include but are not limited to: your trading experience, your understanding of’s Trans-fee Mining and Reverse-Mining models, marketing information about our referral reward programs, etc.
  2. Submit your original article or video directly to the team for review and approval. Only those approved material will be allowed for publishing via one of our official channels. Ways to submit your content: (1) Submit your content via this link ; (2) Email your content to with the email header titled as “Content submission + (your registered email account)”.

Users who participate in the reward program through either of the above methods are eligible for the following prizes:

  1. Upon the conclusion of the program, we will select 1-5 users based on the quality and reach of their published content to receive our “ Ambassador” grand prize of BTMX tokens equal in value to 5000 RMB/718 USD. The winner(s) will also be eligible for perks in our upcoming reward programs.
  2. Users will be rewarded for each piece of content published on third-party platforms that achieve a view count of over 500. The prize is BTMX equal in value to 200 RMB/29 USD.
  3. Users will be rewarded for each piece of content that is selected for publication through’s official channels. The prize is BTMX equal in value to 1000RMB/144 USD.


  1. Prizes will be given out once a week and calculated based on the daily opening price of BTMX.
  2. Each user can only win a maximum of 3 prizes per week. In the case where there are articles or videos with extremely similar content, the user with the earlier publication time will be selected to win.
  3. Each content piece can only qualify its user to win one type of prize listed above.
  4. reserves the final right on the interpretation and adjustment of these Terms and Conditions.


(USD/RMB exchange rate: 6.96; USD numbers are rounded to the nearest integer)


Best regards, Team