Dear Users,


AscendEX is thrilled to announce the launch of the traditional Chinese community. To better serve community members, AscendEX is rolling out a volunteer program for crypto enthusiasts. Join us in building a wonderful community!


What you have:

1.     You're passionate about AscendEX and agree with its development trajectory.  

2.     You are a crypto enthusiast. Being a community KOL is a plus.

3.     You can be online for at least four hours daily.  

4.     You live in Taiwan, China.


What you will do:

1.     Discuss and interact with community members on popular topics.

2.     Deal with community member inquiries and spam/scam messages in a timely manner to keep a professional community environment.

3.     Publicize AscendEX’s official materials or post other positive messages on social media.

4.     Promote AscendEX’s community activities and collect community members’ feedback/suggestions regarding AscendEX.


Rewards you will receive:

1.     Monthly basic earnings.

2.     AscendEX Swag (limited edition).

3.     Earlier access to AscendEX events (event content and rewards distribution).

4.     Extra rewards depending on volunteers’ performance, such as materials made for community activities, numbers of new members attracted, etc.


Please join this AscendEX Telegram Group @AscendEXvolunteer for details.