Dear Users, will launch Copy Trading Service for perpetual futures trading on June 4th, 10:00 a.m. EDT, 2020. Users can visit [Homepage] - [Copy Trading] to review and subscribe to the service. After users subscribe to a trader and turn on Copy Trading function, the system will automatically copy the selected trader's order instructions to the users’ account for execution. Copied trades can be viewed via [Account] - [Copy Trading] - [My Copy Trade].


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Introduction to Copy Trading Service

With Copy Trading Service, users can follow and copy selected traders, replicating their strategies automatically with one-click.


Users need to pay a monthly subscription fee for the service. After subscription, users can choose to copy trades with "Fixed Amount" or "Proportional Amount." Please click here for further details.


Please note that profit-sharing function is currently NOT available with Copy Trading Service. Referral rules for copy trading are the same as the existing Referral Program on the platform.


Key Differentiations of Copy Trading Service


1.     Five-Day Free Trial Period


Users new to Copy Trading Service will be eligible for a five-day free trial period, during which they can subscribe to and follow a trader for free. Each user can be eligible for the five-day free trial only ONCE. A subscription fee starts to calculate immediately after the trial period ends and will be deducted from the user's Cash Account.


If the user chooses not to subscribe to the trader, the user can turn off the Auto Renewal button before the free trial period ends, and the subscription will be automatically canceled.


2.     Automated Order Placement with Low Latency

Built upon’s institutional-grade system designed by Wall Street technologists, Copy Trading Service allows users to copy trades instantly for execution with low latency system processing.


Welcome Benefits for Traders

If you are a seasoned trader of perpetual futures contracts with sophisticated strategies and steady returns, welcome to apply! Here are some of the key benefits you can enjoy.

  • VIP Fee Discounts
  • Trading Commissions from Referrals
  • Bonus Credit
  • Share up to 100K USDT/Month “Super Reward Pool”


Please contact Official Admin in telegram groups for more details.

Click here to apply to become a trader. 


Welcome Benefits for Users


The event will run from June 4th, 10:00 a.m. EDT to June 11th, 10:00 a.m. EDT.


The first 100 users who subscribe to traders on and complete any copied trades will each be eligible for 10 USDTR tryout bonuses after meeting the following requirements:

  • Share the return poster, together with a shoutout about Copy Trading Service, to any social media platforms or digital asset communities (not including official communities).
  • Submit the activity form.


Click here to submit the activity form


Risks and Disclaimers


1. Please note that use of the Copy Trading service should NOT be construed as Platform providing financial or investment advice. By subscribing to the Copy Trading Service, you should be responsible for your own investment research and final decision in selecting traders to follow and copy. You should understand all aspects of the risk associated with the copied account and the copied trader’s trading objectives.

2. Please note that copied trades are NOT guaranteed to be executed the same way trader's orders are executed. In the case of limit orders, there might be occasions where the trader's order is fully filled, while the user's copied trade is only partially filled or not filled at all. In the case of market orders, there might be occasions where the transaction prices for the trader and the user are different. Please use caution when copying trades and set a reasonable copy amount.

3. Please note that there might be interplay between trades placed by users themselves and trades placed by using Copy Trading Service. Please see the Copy Trading Service Disclaimer for further details. 


We truly appreciate your continued support.


The Team

June 4, 2020


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